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1. All booking shall be on a first come first served basis with only  one booking at any one time. Block or continuous bookings are not permitted (ie. An owner may only book once and must make another booking only once that booking is signed out as used).

2. Booking must be made at least two weeks in advance of a function.

3. A booking is not considered to be made until the security deposit is received by the Council member responsible.

4. The owner booking “Club Sol’ will have a grace period of 30 minutes before the  agreed time to set up. Chairs and tables are to be put back to their original position after use. The premises are to be returned in the same condition as prior to the function.

All general bylaws apply to “Club Sol” at all times.


A security deposit of $250.00 is required at the time of booking. This deposit is fully refundable depending on the following:

1. There is no damage to the building and it is in the same condition as its pre-use condition.

2. The room rented has been cleaned to its pre-use condition.

3. There has been no damage to furnishings and fittings included in the building property.

4. The security deposit will be refunded after such time as a council member does an inspection and deems the building and its contents to be in the same condition as it was before it was booked. This inspection will be carried out immediately after the event. The Owner renting the facility should accompany the Council member and a report will be filed. If there is any damage, be it to the building or its contents, the security deposit shall be withheld until the cost of the damage is assessed. The Council reserves the right to withhold the cost of repairs from the said security deposit, or withhold the entire deposit.

Availability of Room

The only area of the Club Sol that shall be available for rental is the upper room. This room will be rented individually at $10.00 per hour of operation. Hours for functions shall be restricted up to 11pm. The pool, lower lounge and exercise room are not for rent.

Select an available day on the calender below and fill out the form to request the Solay clubhouse.

The PDF form found at the following link is required to confirm your booking. Please submit completed forms and security deposit to the Solay Caretaker.

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Please Ensure You Review Rental Information

Remember to be respectful of your neighbors in shared spaces at all times.