Solay Rules

“Club Sol”

The hours of operation are from 05:00 am and 11:00 pm everyday. The building is automatically alarmed outside of these hours.

There is absolutely no smoking in any of the amenity areas including the building, the covered decks and the pool areas. Smoking is confined to the front of the building only but care is to be exercised at all times. Extinguish and then discard all cigarette butts in the receptacles! Suitable receptacles will be provided for the benefit of smokers.

General Use of Rooms

  1. There is to be no parking of bicycles, scooters, skates etc. in front of any doors or entry ways of the building.
  2. Please ensure all mess created is cleaned up immediately.
  3. All garbage is put away in appropriate bins of preferably taken away.
  4. After use, the coffee machine is to be turned off.
  5. Counters are to be wiped or washed down.
  6. All floors are to be swept clean and any debris removed.
  7. Carpets, where necessary, are to be vacuumed.
  8. Most important, all doors and windows must be closed and locked when leaving at all times.
  9. No animal(s) shall be taken into any part of the building or swimming pool area.

Pool Table Room

The pool table is to be used for pool only, with pool cues and balls, and is not for any other use.

No food or drink containers are to be placed anywhere on the pool table. Any misuse of these rules will result in the suspension of pool table privileges as decided by council.

Availability of Rooms

The only areas of the Club Sol that shall be available for rental are the main lounge (fireplace room) and the upper room. These rooms will be rented individually at $10.00 per hour of operation. Hours for functions shall be restricted up to 11pm. The pool and exercise room are not for rent.

Please visit the Club Sol page for details and booking information

Pool Rules

Visit the Pool Regulation page for pool rules

Fitness Room

No children under the age of 13 are permitted to use the exercise equipment in the Fitness Room.


Charcoal burning barbeques are prohibited. Only gas fired and electric barbecues are permitted and residents must position these away from siding material of the building.

Control of Noise

All doors and windows are to closed and secured at 11p.m.

Parking Rules

No residents shall park in visitor spaces.

No vehicle shall be parked in any visitors’ stalls for more than four (4) nights per week without the express written permission of the Strata Council, and shall not exceed two weeks per calendar year.

Temporary long-term use of the visitor’s parking stalls requires the express written approval of the Strata Council, and shall not exceed a maximum of two weeks per calendar year.

Solay Owners/tenants are only permitted two (2) guests per strata lot, with the exception of immediate family members.


Follow the link below to view a PDF of the Solay strata community rules.

BCS945 Rules (Solay Rules)